Monday, December 8, 2008

Pepper Steak Surprise!

I've always enjoyed cooking, even though I thought I didn't. My first memory of enjoying cooking was in home economics class way back in grade 5 or 6. I hated 'home-ec' and yearned to take shop and to be like the girlie stuff for me! But when I took home an assignment that required me to cook my family a dinner, that all changed. The recipe was "Pepper Steak Surprise"...and I WAS surprised! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed chopping the green peppers and onions, slicing the steak, cooking the ingredients and stirring the sauce...watching it all come together on the stove top. And the instant positive feedback from my family wasn't bad either. Of course I don't do steak anymore, but the final result turned out to be one of my favorite meals back then, and my family's too! Sadly, that was the only cooking assignment in the class and I did go on to join a shop class, as the only girl in the class. My shop teacher was worried that I'd injure myself so he did all the wood table-sawing for my bookcase. All I had to do was hammer in the nails, sand and paint it. It turned out nice, but it was definitely NOT as fun as cooking my Pepper Steak Surprise.

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